Expecting Expectations


I’m glad that it’s not time for me to say Goodbye, yet. I have come to terms with myself involved  in unorthodox projects, which is hard to explain in layman terms, not to mention convincing my friends and families that I do have a future hanging out with activists and community organisations. I have tried everything I can to encourage people to empathise with me, but it’s never easy. To make life easier, I avoided gatherings and socialising events that would usually be filled with questions similar to “What do you do?” People expect you to take on a job which is easier, more glamorous and well-paid compared to the previous one. However, expectations were like fine pottery. The harder you held them, the more likely you were to crack. (Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings)

Then after some time, you realised moderation is the best way to go. It’s almost impossible to ignore all the expectations from people around you. What’s more important is to accept the constructive ones. Expectations and pressure are separated by a fine line. Even though at times I still questioned myself of not actualising the potential within, but after experiencing adversity, you know you will have to juggle the pulls and pushes, in order to make yourself afloat in the current of change. A resilient and clear mind are the assets that will eventually make you who you are.

Nobody said that it was easy. The roads we have to walk are winding. All the lights that lead us there are blinding. But we have to do it together. We will thrive in adversity.

A dream we dream together is reality.

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